Rooms & Suites

Staying at CORSO 12 Rooms and Suites in downtown Rome means feeling the glamour of history right outside its wide windows, perceiving its magic and light, enveloped by the tranquility and well-being of luxury suites in Rome center. Nothing is left to chance.

The amount of thoughtfulness invested can be seen in the quality of comfort items, and the concern dedicated to each detail. Beautiful paintings, state-of-the-art lighting, precious materials: everything has been orchestrated to offer impeccable hospitality.

In every room, details in antique gold appear unexpectedly on the frames of padded headboards or in the decorations of imperial-style decorations, creating a seductive balance with the natural colors of the finishing elements. The effect is that of a relaxing atmosphere in which ancient and contemporary blend together on behalf of elegance.

Finding luxury suites in Rome center in downtown Rome that offer a private terrace is an exclusive privilege that Corso 12 can offer: a delightful outdoor lounging area.